Lugo Bots

How the ranking system works

Dear Participants,

To ensure transparency and fairness, we have implemented a comprehensive ranking system. The victory or loss in each matchup will be decided in a best-of-five matches format. Only the last 5 games between the two bots will be counted.

1. Net Points:
  • The victorious bot earns 3 points, which are referred to as net points.
2. Extra Points:
  • In addition to the net points, the victorious bot also receives half of the defeated team's net points as extra points.
  • Bot A plays against bot B 4 times, and wins 3 times.
  • Bot A earns 3 net points for the victory.
  • Bot B, the defeated bot, has a net point total of 10 points.
  • Bot A also receives half of bot B's net points as extra points, which is 5.
  • Therefore, bot A accumulates a total of 3 (net points) + 5 (extra points) = 8 points for this specific matchup.
3. Accumulation of Points:
  • Any time of the year, bots will accumulate points based on their performance in each best-of-five matchup.
  • The total points for a bot are the sum of their net points and extra points earned from each victory.
Additional Information:
  • It's important to note that the ranking system may be used as a tiebreaker in our competitions.
  • Furthermore, teams may have the opportunity to win extra prizes based on their final rankings.

Yours sincerely Lugo Bots.